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PBBM reiterates whole-of-nation approach in good governance

CLARK FREEPORT ZONE, Pampanga — President Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr. reiterated the importance of the whole-of-nation approach where everyone is a partner and fellow worker towards good governance.

In his message during the 4th General Assembly of the League of Provinces of the Philippines (LPP), he emphasized that there is a need for stronger partnership and strengthened coordination between the national government and local government units in order to successfully implement development programs for the constituency.

“I stand always in solidarity with the LPP, having been one of the former members. This general assembly conveys the theme of patriotism and national interest, which we have auspiciously worked to continue to promote during the first year of the administration. It has always been my advocacy, my aspiration that the national government and local government work together well,” Marcos said.

The administration is trying to change the practice that the national government makes decisions for local governments, adding that the whole-of-nation approach should be a two-way street.

“You [governors and local executives] are very much the lead in bringing whatever programs that we have and bringing them to the people…What this administration plans to do simply cannot be done without the governors and without the local executives. We’ll slowly move that coordination [between national government and local government units] to make it closer,” he said.

With this, the national government is now working to synchronize all efforts from the national down to the grassroots level in order to maximize resources.

“What we have in mind is to always be in consultation with the local executives to integrate their ideas and initiatives to the national plan. That is the coordination that we need so that there is no slippage, no wastage [of resources] and even the level of corruption will go down because what we want to achieve will be very clear,” Marcos said.

As part of the renewed coordination between the two levels of government, he mentioned that going back to the old system and utilizing the development councils from the local to the regional level, up to the National Economic and Development Authority Board is the best way.

Meanwhile, he also cited that the Mandanas-Garcia Supreme Court Ruling was postponed for implementation this year in order to recalibrate the functions and services which are to be devolved.

The national government should be able to clearly identify which functions belong to the national government, which are for the local governments, and which are to be implemented jointly.

“I will sign another executive order this year defining very clearly the functions which belong to the local government units and national government. When we devolve functions, it will be packaged with the necessary items, funding, and training requirements,” he noted.

Marcos also assured that the ruling will also achieve its goal of providing extra funding, especially to poorer provinces, in order to give local executives the chance to be able to act on their own initiatives that will benefit their people.

Source: PIA 3



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