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NIA confirms continuous irrigation supply to Bulacan farmlands

By Ramon Efren Lazaro

CITY OF MALOLOS — Despite the receding water elevation of Angat Dam, its irrigation allocation to Bulacan and parts of Pampanga’s irrigated rice lands is not yet on hold.

Josephine Salazar, National Irrigation Administration (NIA) Central Luzon regional director, in her statement, said that the National Water Resources Board (NWRB) has not yet suspended the 40 cubic meters per second of the irrigation water allocation coming from Angat Dam for Bulacan and parts of Pampanga irrigated rice lands.

Salazar noted that based on the projection of NWRB, the dam’s water elevation is expected to recede until the month of August and will rise in September.

On the other hand, Placida Cordero NIA Bulacan manager, said their agency together with the Department of Agrarian Reform is now identifying where to set up the proposed nine solar-powered irrigation projects in Bustos town.



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